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Are you using the bank import and matching function in Brightpearl?

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We’ve had a few people tell us recently that they didn’t know about the bank import and matching function in Brightpearl so we thought we’d share with you why it is such a handy tool to use.  It is all about speed and accuracy!

  • it is a way to quickly pick up and process bank payments – they can be entered directly from the bank import screen with a couple of clicks rather than having to go through a bank statement to find them
  • you can quickly record and allocate payments to suppliers – either for a single invoice or against multiple invoices
  • payments received from customers that haven’t been processed yet can be allocated with a single click
  • bank transfers between accounts (including Paypal and merchant account transfers) can all be processed in one place without having to enter amounts or dates – these are picked up automatically

The bank reconciliation process also becomes a lot easier.  All the transactions that have been through the import and matching function have a green tick on the bank reconciliation screen, so you can see at a glance if you have any rogue transactions that may be throwing out the reconciliation or may have been entered incorrectly.

You can also move in and out of the bank import screen at any time, so it is easy to keep track of where you had got up to and any queries that are still to be dealt with.

You can find the function in Brightpearl by following the Accounts -> Import transactions menu.

There are also full instructions on how to use the feature in Brightpearl’s support documentation here or just contact us to find out more.


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