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USA/UK Tax Advice For E-commerce Sellers of all Shapes and Sizes.

Tax advice for UK companies selling into the USA

Many e-commerce businesses choose to trade internationally, given it’s easy to do so, via online sales platforms.

Selling into the US offers a great opportunity to expand with both ease and scale – However, US sales tax rules are far more complex than the UK, – They frequently change and can vary by product / state / region, so often present e-commerce businesses with a headache!

These are just some of the questions asked when entering the world’s number one market:

  • Are you an e-commerce business considering the USA as a new market? 
  • Are you already operating within the USA and are looking to expand?
  • Are you going to sell via a third party re-sellers or sell on consignment?
  • Are you going to sell directly?
  • Do you already have a presence in the USA? Do you have Nexus?
  • If you are already doing business in the USA are you aware of your Federal and State filing obligations? There may be both income and sales tax filing requirements.
  • Are you dealing with cross state sales tax correctly?
  • Do you need advice on how to do things correctly in the USA?
  • How does trading in the USA affect you here in the UK?

It’s right you have questions (and perhaps many more!) and essential that you seek expert guidance and support – This will minimise time and hassle spent navigating US tax rules and ensure compliance.

Evenstone together with our USA partners, are the right team to help you and your e-commerce business both in the UK and the States. 

We are the One Stop Shop for UK/US advice, to help you with any of your US tax concerns.

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