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Our Top 9 Reasons to Use Brightpearl for Accounting

Brightpearl accounting

Most people who are using Brightpearl use the multi-channel order processing and logistics functions, but not everybody uses the Brightpearl accounting functionality.  As Brightpearl accountants we may be a little biased, but we believe there are lots of reasons why you should be using Brightpearl to do your accounting.   Here are our top 9 reasons.

  1. It’s a powerful but easy-to-use tool. Brightpearl’s accounting functionality is very powerful for both a business user and an accountant – and it is flexible and easy to use too.
  2. Better gross profit reporting. Brightpearl’s cost of goods sold and gross profit reporting is much better than most other accounting software.  It is calculated by matching up actual sales and despatches rather than having to do end of month stock takes to work out what has been sold.  This means you get valuable and up to the minute reporting on your gross profit with no effort.
  3. Helpful system interactions. The accounting function interacts in useful ways with other areas of the system to ensure that everything stays in line.  For example, when processing a supplier invoice where the cost price has changed, it gives you an option to automatically update the cost price on the product.
  4. Easy query tracing. The accounting data within Brightpearl is linked to the original orders and payments so if there are queries in the accounting function you can just click and immediately see the details of the transactions in question.
  5. Save time and effort. Transferring data out of Brightpearl and into another accounting system takes time that could be better used elsewhere.
  6. Avoid potential errors. Transferring data out of Brightpearl and into another accounting system gives rise to potential errors.  Important data can get missed or duplicated and it can be difficult to go back and reconcile data between the two systems.
  7. Avoid duplication. It’s never a good idea to hold data in multiple places, it is much better to have one central and trustworthy source of financial figures.
  8. No change for your accountant. Brightpearl produces all the reports your accountant needs for year end in the same format as any other software, and can be used to quickly answer any queries.  The year end journals that your accountant produces can be quickly and easily posted into Brightpearl to keep everything in line.
  9. And last but not least… you’ve already paid for it! Brightpearl’s advanced accounting functionality is already included in the cost of your overall subscription.  Why not make the most of it and use it?

Not sure how to get the most out of Brightpearl accounting?  We offer a one to one training service that is tailored to you and gives you hands-on help to get started.

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