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As the founder of a business I did not set out to be a master bookkeeper. However as the business grew I found myself spending an ever increasing amount of my time administering the payments, a situation I’m sure any small business owner can relate to (that is unless they run a bookkeeping practice!) To sustain and grow a business well managed books are a necessity, but this can be (if not managed properly) an extremely time consuming process, especially for someone who is self taught and who’s specialities lie elsewhere.

When we decided to take the plunge and invest in BP we decided to analyse and overhaul and outsource our bookkeeping process. After researching the options available we decided to partner with Evenstone. A decision that two years later I am delighted we made.

Together with the Evenstone team we designed a remote system of working that has streamlined our bookkeeping process, created a more robust filling structure, eradicated unnecessary spreadsheets and unnecessary printing, but most importantly of all has freed up a huge amount of my time.

The main benefit of working with Evenstone is the extra time I now have. I can now analyse the figures rather than entering and correcting them meaning that time is spent effectively growing the business rather than administering it.

It is a pleasure working with the team at Evenstone. Our books are now extremely well kept. We know how much money is in the business at any given time, who needs paying and when (which keeps our suppliers happy) and who owes us money (which is good for cash flow). Our (many international) bank accounts are reconciled every month so we know the figures in front of us are always accurate. If there is a problem they are extremely quick to react and will resolve it quickly and efficiently.

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