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Why do my Brightpearl sales and P&L reports show different sales figures?

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Does your Brightpearl sales report and your profit and loss report show different sales figures? Surely a sale is a sale and so two reports that include sales figures should have the same numbers?  Well yes – and no!

The Brightpearl sales reports (e.g. sales by channel, sales by product etc.) and the profit and loss reports are actually reporting different things and there are a few reasons why the numbers could be different.  Read on for things to look out for that could be causing the differences.

Is the sale invoiced?

Sales orders and sales credits that haven’t yet been invoiced are included in the sales reports but not the P&L reports.  (Sales and sales credits that have been cancelled are not included in either.)  You can check if you have any of these by filtering the sales order or sales credit list and selecting ‘Invoiced = No’.

Have you raised any ‘quick invoices’ for customers?

If you raise a ‘quick invoice’ for a customer, there is no sales order created.  The invoiced amount will appear in the P&L reports but not the sales reports.   You can find these by going to the General Ledger report, filtering with Type: SI : Invoice, and scrolling through the transactions to see if there are any where the Order ID column is blank.  If there are a lot of entries, it can be easier to find them by exporting to Excel and using a Data Filter.

Have you created any journals against the sales code?

Creating a journal entry against the sales nominal codes will put a figure into the P&L reports but not the sales reports as no sales order has been created.  You can find these by going to the General Ledger report and filtering with Type: JJ : Journal entry and Nominal Code : set to your sales code (normally 4000).

Do all your sales have a product / channel allocated to them?

For example, if you are reporting sales by channel then any sales orders without a channel will not be included.


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