National Living & Minimum Wage Increase

As of the 1st April 2021 the National Living Wage has been increased by 2.2% to £8.91, with the National Minimum Wage & Apprentice Rates also increasing.

The National Living Wage now applies to all workers aged over 23, (reduced from aged 25). This will be eligible for those aged over 21 by 2014.

The table below shows the recent changes:

Rate TypePrevious Hourly RateHourly Rate From April 2021
National Living Wage (23+)£8.72£8.91
21 – 22 Year Old£8.20£8.36
18 – 20 Year Old£6.45£6.56
16 – 17 Year Old£4.55£4.62
Apprentice Rate£4.15£4.30
Accommodation Offset£8.20£8.36

The National Living & Minimum Wage are calculated at an hourly rate, however they still apply to all eligible workers (even if they are not paid hourly). 

If you are unsure what rate you should be paying your employees, use the calculator here.

Even if you are paying your employees at or above the National Living or Minimum Wage, you could still be underpaying them. This can occur when an employer makes wage deductions. Some most common mistakes can be found here

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